Monday, December 6, 2010

Semester Wrap Up

Boy have I learned a lot this semester! Sometimes I still feel overwhelmed by the amount of information that is out there. I ponder how to keep learning and not lose what I have already learned. I wish I had a filing cabinet in my head. I pray for more time to explore the technology resources we have unearthed in this class and hope that I can share this information with others in a manner that gets them as excited as me! I do hope that someone else from my school will get on this bandwagon with me so I don't feel so alone. We talked about this in one of our classes and I do believe in collaboration.

I am looking forward to next semeseter and hope that I will continue to get better at blogging and learn more about the gadgets and widgets that can be added as well as up-loading videos and images. Boy, I still have so much to learn. Thank you all who are joining me on this journey.