Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Data Field Experience

Standards Addressed: ISTE TF-4 (Assessment and Evaluation)
GaPSC 2.8 (Data Analysis) and 3.7 (Communication and Collaboration) Total hours - 15

Over the last two moths, I have developed a new best friend, data. During this time I worked on several projects - an Elevator Speech, Data Inventory, Data Initiatives Summary, Data Overview, and Action Plans. This involved collecting school, district and state data, looking at and reviewing initiatives already in place at my school, trying to find ways to streamline processes that overlap, and showing ways to share resources. After looking at the uses of data and how it can transform schools, I wrote an elevator speech that would encourage my co-workers to get on board. I also had to take the data and create an overview for my school that shows results from digging into data. This was quite eye-opening and I hope to continue to be actively involved in this process at my school. I have used data previously but not to the extent that I now know. I do hope that my desire to use data effectively will be contagious.