Field Experiences Fall 2010

Field Experiences for
ITEC 7400 and ITEC 7410
Kennesaw State University

# 1    Standard IV B (Assessment and Evaluation) - 5 hours
          I worked with a co-teacher to create an excel template for data teams. We needed to create a generic template that could then be adjusted for each grade level. We used Excel and had formulas that work both across the template as well as down. Each grade level team leader was informed to save the template and to “save as” when inputting data so that for each different goal and assessment the template could be used without over writing the previous data. The template has space for both pre and post assessment information. We are considering revising it to add a mid check assessment.

# 2    Standard V D (Productivity and Professional Practice) – 1 hour
          I presented for a parent class with a co-teacher. We were sharing reading strategies that parents could use at home with their children. We used the Promethean board to showcase some of the things we do in class. We also used it to show graphic organizers that will help students remember more of what they read. Parents were given bookmarks to help both the parent and student discuss what the student reads at home. Showed the parents as a resource they could use to allow practice with phonics and reading on the computer.

# 3   Standard VII C (Procedures, Policies, Planning, and Budgeting for Technology) – 3 hours
          Attended training on the iRespond systems that the county has adopted for all schools as a means for common assessment. We formerly had a different student response system and needed to learn about iRespond and how it is connected for collection of assessments across the county. Benchmark tests in ELA and Math have been pushed through to all school systems to open in iRespond that will also allow for direct reporting of those scores to the county. We also learned how to create personalized tests that can be taken in our class. We learned how to save a test so that it can be shared by others in the school.

# 4    Standard I A (Technology Operations and Concepts) – 1 hour
          I served as a mentor to my team members after our initial iRespond training to help them troubleshoot issues with the system. I stayed after the original training and sought help from the county trainer to make sure I understood the system well enough to help my team. I helped to make sure my team members could log in to the system and locate their class rosters. We have one teacher out on maternity leave and I will work with her upon her return in January to learn how to access iRespond and create tests. We are still having some issues but are seeking help from the county as it relates to making combined rosters and how to create other rosters and whether or not they can be saved in the system and how.

# 5    Standard III A (Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum) – 4 hours
          I was formerly on a team of teachers in the county that helped create the Math RAP flipcharts for all schools that have Promethean Boards. Since they were created in ActivStudio, some modifications needed to be made for use in ActivInspire. I took the calendars from August to December and made modifications to them to allow better functionality in the classroom. I also added some pages to allow for practice with some skills that had not previously been addressed in some of the flipcharts. These were then saved to our T-drive so that all 1st grade teachers had access to them.

# 6    Standard II A, C (Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences) – 3 hours
          I worked with a fellow 1st grade teacher to help her organize her flipcharts for easy access. We created folders for each subject on her desktop. I also showed her how to open a flipchart from the T-drive and how to save to her own computer before making any changes. I helped her set up an account on Promethean Planet and showed her how to search for flipcharts that relate to the standards we are teaching. I showed her how to download and save a flipchart and then make changes to it to better meet the needs of her students. I showed her how to access the Math RAP flipcharts and again to save to her own computer before making any changes. I showed her where to find resource packs to download. I taught her how to use some of the additional tools in ActivInspire such as the reveal tool, spotlight tool and math tools. I showed her how to change the basic settings to include more colors and how to change the default tool when you open a flipchart to be the pointer instead of the pen.

# 7    Standard IV A (Assessment and Evaluation) – 2.5 hours
          I created several iRespond assessments to be used in the 1st grade classes. These tests were created both in Word and Power Point to be parsed in to iRespond. These assessments were created to approximate the benchmark tests so that we could see where re-teaching was needed as well as provide the opportunity for the 1st grade teachers to practice using the iRespond systems.

# 8    Standard II C (Planning and Designing Learning Environments and Experiences) – 0.5 hour
          After working on our Content Report I met with the Physical Education teacher to share the information I found. I printed out a copy of the brochure but also opened it up on the computer so we could access the websites that were listed. She suggested I may want to share this information with the classroom teachers as well so they could incorporate some of the nutrition information into health lessons. She was appreciative of me sharing what I found and would share with me any new information she comes across.

# 9 Standard VI D (Social, Ethical, Legal, and Human Issues) – 1 hour
          I shared my Power Point presentation on Internet Safety with my team. We discussed some of the ways we can encourage and promote Internet Safety as well as address Copyright laws and ways to make teachers and students aware of citing sources, including pictures, taken from the Internet. They were pleased to learn how to do the advanced Google search for pictures that are marked for reuse.