Wednesday, October 27, 2010

National, State and Local Tech Plans

My apologies to all for not posting this when due. I thought we were posting on blackboard and I did that thinking that was all I needed. Sorry.

Technology is here to stay and we now have to figure out how to incorporate it into our teaching and learning practices. Nationally the plan is somewhat broad but addresses most of the needs. It is supposed to enrich curriculum not supplement and I do like the part where it should be accessible in and out of the classroom. It also wants to make sure ALL have access both in and out of the classroom. The state plan is similar. we also see that teachers are wanting more training on how to use technology in teaching, not just in classroom management. The district plan is also very similar and wants technology used in the classrooms. I think this is where our tech standards that are addressed on report cards comes from. So I was a little surprised to find out that my school's SIP does not mention technology and as far as I know, we do not have a separate tech plan.

I am in awe of technology, but also at times overwhelmed at the vastness of it. There is so much out there and at times I can't remember where I saw something or read something and have to search again....Sometimes I find it sometimes not. Thank goodness for search engines. I do hope that the "powers that be" at each level are talking to the other levels to try to help with the shift into the digital world.

I am forever a student.


  1. Cathleen,
    You are right technology is here to stay. I'm sure you find that strange, as I do, that your school does not have tech plan within the SIP. Maybe you could help them add that component or maybe they are just following the district tech plan. Training for teacher integration is definitely needed. Is this in your district plan or SIP plan? I'm sure they would love your input!

  2. Technology isnt going anywhere! I for one dont think that I could teach with out technology. When looking at the SIP at my school, I wish that technoloyg could be used for more than just drill programs. Your final comments "I am forever a student," is sometimes teachers forget that we are also students, which might explain why they get frustraded with technology. They don't want to learn any more!