Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Reflection for ITEC 7460 - I learned a great deal about professional development and assessment of that development. PD is very similar to classroom lesson plans in that you start with what the "students" know and move forward from there. how it differs though is there is not a set curriculum for current teachers. what is needed can vary from school to school, grade level to grade level and even from teacher to teacher. Going through the GAPSS analysis helped me to see where some of the needs are at my current school. When we shared our projects in class, it also allowed me to see how much the need can vary from school to school. I wonder how the county does their analysis to offer the county wide trainings? I do understand when sweeping changes, such as Common Core come around, that can help establish professional development but I would like to know how that decision is made on a county level for the other things. I look forward to viewing any future PD I am involved in (as a trainer or student) with a different set of glasses on.

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