Monday, March 28, 2011

Thing - Eighteen Social Networks

I enjoy getting on Facebook and keeping up with friends, old and new. I also looked through several other sites including Classroom 2.0. I found this site awhile back and did join but had not used it much. I am trying to make it a point to check it every few days with the hope of checking daily for comments that interest me. While teaching first grade, I do not see too many uses for this type of network for students. However I do see uses for helping me develop as a teacher. Finding sites where people are struggling with the same issues I am will help me - 1. not feel like I am the only one struggling and 2. get and share ideas with others as to how to improve the struggle. Sometimes there are links to other pages or resources that can also benefit me as a teacher. I guess my biggest struggle is how to keep track of all of it in a timely and useful manner. I know the more I do and explore, the more comfortable I become, and would be willing to share or teach others to do the same.

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