Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thing Seventeen - Videosharing

While working on the assignment for video sharing, I came across this video and just had to laugh.
I found quite a few on YouTube that I would like to access from my class. I was glad to learn about the safe mode search. Zamzar provides a way to get some of these videos in your class. Many that I found and liked were phonics based jingles or songs with the letters shown visually. I think this is a great way to teach and reinforce reading and writing skills in the early grades. There were also quite a few that worked well in teaching vocabulary for ELL learners. Video sharing from the classroom could be a great way for students to showcase what they have learned. It could also provide a way to go back to review concepts as they are learning new ones. Because videos are on the web, it can allow access from home for children who are sick or have missed school. Teacher Tube is accessible from school, but the ads are quite annoying. (I should have set the timer like Dr. Moore suggested. Notice I am posting this at 2:40 am when I should be asleep.)


  1. I've used zamzar several times to get videos to my classroom. I was also able to find videos that are useful for my math class and upload them to Twitter as our team sends tweets to our students to keep them informed. This way, students can access helpful video anytime. Finding short videos has been great for my math and social studies classes as we do not have to fast-forward long videos to get to the main content.

  2. I too was excited when I found out I can get YouTube videos to my classroom using zamzar! I think I found some of the same phonics songs and videos! I can't want to share them with my students!