Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Field Experiences Spring 2011

Standard V- A & D  and Standard VI- A(Productivity and Professional Practice) - 6 hours
Assisted parents over several nights with technology. It started as a class for parents on Internet safety, but I realized that few parents had a concept of what the Internet really was and how to use it. Only one of the parents that came for the training even had e-mail but most expressed an interest in having this. Assisted with setting up of e-mail accounts through Google and showed them how to access after set up. Next meeting scheduled with the intent of checking e-mail and learning how to e-mail their child's teacher. At the next meeting, opened up a few more e-mail accounts for parents who did not attend the last meeting. I had found a way to change the home screen for set up into their native language (Spanish) which made the set up easier. then helped parents by providing e-maill addresses of teachers. Google offers a translating service so I sent a "test" e-mail to parents in English which they then "one click" translated into Spanish. I told them I would show the teachers how to do the same so they could send e-mails in Spanish if they felt more comfortable. This was successful but I think they are going to need to meet several more times to feel comfortable with this new technology. Several have smart phones and I want to teach them how to access their e-mail on their phones (hopefully will plan for a future date). Last class was on an Internet safety program they could complete with their students. This would provide a combined learning experience for both parent and child. I have tentative plans to hold parent classes this summer to allow parents more time on the computers and to address their individual needs. I hope this will provide another method for parent/ teacher communication.

Standard I (Technology Operations and Concepts) - 2 hours
I implemented VoiceThread in my classroom and then used this created VoiceThread in a staff presentation. Showed teachers the created VoicThread then showed them how to set up their own accounts. Discussed implications for classroom use. (1 hour) An additional hour was spent meeting with individual teachers on possible applications. Met with several ESOL teachers as well as 2 speech teachers about how this program could benefit the students  they serve.

Standard IV - A & B (Assessment and Evaluation) - 6 hours
Worked with team teachers on use of iRespond as well as how to access data provided in AssessTrax from benchmark tests. Tests were administered paper and pencil to all first grade students and then teachers input the results into iRespond. I then worked with teachers on how to access the data from AssessTrax. This helped us to plan both remediation and enrichment exercises for our classes. Also helped with collection of data team pre and post test scores. Worked with team to input test information into OAS (Online Assessment System). this was also a series of tests given to student paper and pencil and then results put into t a computer system to provide analysis of results. This is helping to guide our end of the year teaching to cover weak areas in retention of information taught.

Standard III A, B, & D (Teaching, Learning and the Curriculum) - 2 hours
Worked with another 1st grade teacher and her class to help teacher and students gain a better understanding of the IWB in the class. Explicitly taught students some of the tools provided in ActiveInspire and how to change between tools. Students began creating a flipchart they want to use to teach kindergarten students about the kinds of math problems they will do in 1st grade. Hope to meet with this teacher and class one more time to finish flipchart and then take the students to a kindergarten class to give their presentation.

Standard V (Productivity and Professional Practice) - 4 hours
Explored many educational websites. Joined several wikis related to technology in education. Also subscribed to several blogs through RSS feeds or Google reader to keep abreast of topic concerning technology in education.Joined Classroom 2.0, a Ning devoted to technology in education. Read at least on a weekly basis, about new tools or new ideas with old tools to improve student learning. Also found Webinars on educational topics. I was actually able to participate in one on the use of Flickr in the classroom. This is a new way of learning that I want to use more on a personal level to see if it has implications in elementary schools (especially Title I schools)

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