Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer School for Parents

OK, I got permission from my principal to have summer school for parents during the same two weeks we will be open for summer school for the children. Most of our families do not have internet access, let alone computers but are always expressing an interest in learning about them. I am excited but also a bit nervous to try this. It is only for 2 weeks but I have a plan in place. We will be sending home letters next week to see how many sign up. Would love ideas or inspiration from anyone who might have done something similar.

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  1. Cathleen, During the second half of this school year, I worked with parents three days a week on technology, we started off simple with basic navigation with the computer and the internet, the moved to programs- MS Paint (mouse control)next a typing program free on the internet and MS word. After that we moved to Publisher and all that it has to offer.
    My classes were two hours weekdays and 3 on Sat.
    The parents loved taking something home that they were able to create and print.
    Hope this helps.