Sunday, May 1, 2011

Web 2.0 Tools - Reflection

This has been a very enjoyable class for me. The assignments were clear and I liked the links within the moodle platform. You do have to be disciplined to stay on track. I think I enjoyed learning VoiceThread the most as it is so applicable in 1st grade. I do want to start early next year with a class blog. If I am still in first grade, I can start by introducing the blog and how to log on where all they may post in the beginning is a yes or no answer to a question. I am sure as the year progresses, so will their writing skills and the blog posts will become more reflective. I will continue to use VoiceThread and will start earlier in the year with that as well. Personally, I am going to continue blogging and will check in on the wikis I have joined (hopefully at least once a week), and want to build my PLN as well as introduce tools to my colleagues. I hope to continue to work with parents of our students learn more about computers and the internet. I may even teach a parent class this summer. I had one parent tell me he wants to learn about FaceBook and wants to create an account. Since FaceBook is blocked from school, my first thought was I could not help him, but then I realized i could do a screencast to show them and they could then go home and create their account. I can e-mail them the link to the screencast so if they have forgotten they still have access to it. I hope to keep using as many of these tools as I can so that I don't forget how.

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