Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Reflections on Finding a Wimba/ Elluminate Class

 I went exploring through one of our links in class or a reading not sure which, but found a website, Learn Central, and perused through some of the information on their page. I found they were going to have a Wimba on Flickr so I joined the site and registered for the class. I sure am glad we had our Wimba class because it made it easier for me to understand the screen when I got in. It was only 30 minutes, and I missed the first 10 as I was having trouble getting logged on but did like that I was able to get in and learn some new things about Flickr. I also joined a Wiki that was the "host" of the class. that Wiki is 1 Tool at a Time. They say they do at least one of these classes a month and to check the Wiki for the upcoming topic.

I also found another great teacher resource when learning about Creative Commons, OER Commons, an open educational resources site that has lesson plans as well as some other cool teacher tools all under Creative Common license. Hope you will check these out.

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