Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thing Ten - Photosharing

I really enjoyed exploring Flickr. I love travel and enjoy seeing pictures of places I would like to go, but as far as teaching purposes, I had to back out of scenic shots and think, how can I use this to teach.

We are working with plants in 1st grade science so I did a search for plants and found several pictures that could be used to show the growth of plants or even plant parts. One of these was this one by Sound Native Plants which can be found at Photo by Sound Native Plants at Flickr. I am going to try to create a slideshow that can be used in my class and possibly even move it to VoiceThread to allow students to record observations about the pictures. When we grow our own, I will post those pictures in VoiceThread for commenting as well.

I look forward to hearing other ideas for use in the classroom and finding ways to ignite students desire to learn through alternate methods (outside of paper and pencil).

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  1. I love the idea of using VoiceThread and Flickr! Thanks for the idea as I am attempting to organize a get-together of homeschooling parents to teacher them both of these internet tools!
    So many of the Flickr photos are so much more vivid and descriptive than textbook photos, and more updated too! The idea of connecting your plants growing with what is seen on Flickr is a great idea, too! Compare their plants with pictures, etc.