Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thing Eleven - Slideshow

So I went to Flickr and found some pictures of plants in different stages and decided to feature tomatoes. I followed the growth of tomato from planting the seeds to a plant with fruit. Three of the pictures are from the same person and show the growth over time but I also added some other pictures to help show more growth. The pictures came from the following people.

Tim Patterson 1
Tim Patterson 2
TimPatterson 3
Deb Roby


  1. I loved your idea of plant growth for your slideshow. the pictures were amazing and what a great tool for you to use in your classroom with your students, as well. They would probably like to take pictures of plants outside or in the classroom and show a timeline of growth, too and create their own slideshow. Fun!

  2. Nice idea! This would be a great slide show for your classroom before a unit on plants/growth/etc (if that is in your standards...). I like Cheryl's comment on having students create their own slide shows featuring plant growth. Thanks for the idea Cheryl...I may have my students have the option of doing a slide show for their architectural design project.