Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thing Five - RSS

While working on this assignment, I have increased feeds to my reader, but I think I will enjoy those feeds. I also went and deleted one and am considering deleting a couple more. I just need to set a specific time to look through my reader on a daily basis. I hope I can turn that into a habit. One of the neat things I found that was part of our assignment was from the blog, Instructify, the specific page I read was Create 3-D pop up books with ZooBurst. Since I teach 1st grade, I just had to check out this site!I looked through a couple of books and think this could have great potential. I have not joined yet but will look through this more. From the same blog was another post, Check sites for viruses and malware with URLVoid. This might be a good source to teach students about, especially when they start exploring the web more and more. I think of the times I see posted on Facebook a link that someone says we should check out.

Another blog that I really enjoyed reading and happen to agree with is TeachPaperless: Philosophy of Learning by Mike Kaechele.

I could find myself addicted to my reader and that may not be a bad thing.

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  1. I am so glad you're enjoying your reader! I like that you're finding professional development on the web - I really feel that an RSS reader helps manage content because you can choose when and where to view things that are of interest to you! If you're busy, the reader will hold on to it. If you're overwhelmed, you can hit "mark all as read"...but in a few hours you'll have new material to read! It is a wonderful tool! I am eager to hear your ideas about how you'll use this tool with students. Have you considered asking your kids for input? Because they're young, perhaps you don't want to have them set up their own readers, but that doesn't stop them from requesting feeds in YOUR reader, right? What if one day in class you opened your reader and the kids read articles from a range of sources on whatever content you're studying. How cool!