Sunday, February 20, 2011

WebPage Design

I really enjoyed class this past Thursday when we learned about HTML code.  I do want to learn more about web page design and some of the finer intricacies found on them. However, I am glad that someone created templates. I can only imagine designing a page from scratch and trying to put in many of the features we find on web pages today. That task would be overwhelming. Just having some knowledge of the behind the scenes stuff can help one appreciate what you see when you open a page. Also knowing some of the "jargon" in code, so that if you found a certain feature you liked on a page, you could take a peek at the code to duplicate the feature on your own page. I am looking forward to being able to update our school web page and feel like this past weeks class has given me the courage to take on that endeavor. I did find through my RSS feed a great blog article that gives 10 free ways fro teachers and students to make web pages. Here is the link. Free Tech for Teachers - 10 Ways for Teachers & Students to Build Websites .

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  1. I, too, am very appreciative for templates. I was completely overwhelmed with all the code, but can appreciate learning how it works and where to look for problems. I recently watched The Social Network and was in awe of what Zuckerberg was able to create and all the code involved. Whoa!

    Good luck with your school's webpage. I'm sure it will be great.

    Thanks for the link. I'll check that out.