Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Internet Safety

Internet Safety is something we need to always keep in the back of our minds, even after we have taught children as the internet is constantly evolving and changing, so what we might need to do to stay safe could change too. While checking what is out there, I found several good sites.
  • Welcome to the Web  is a site that has several teaching lessons, not only about safety but practical tips on how to use the internet. It comes with downloadable worksheet that can accompany the site. I am going to use this to teach a parent class as so many don't know how to search or use the internet.
  • The Virginia Department of Education has created Infinite Learning Lab  which has  videos, quizzes and application questions for several issues that could face our students today.
  •  I also like Childnet. This is a site from The UK that has some short movies that show possible scenarios and how students should respond to them.
  • Another is Whyville is is a "virtual city" where childrne can learn to navigate in safety. You can become a "citizen" of Whyville but have to earn certain rights by showing you know the "laws" for proper internet usage. this site will allow children younger than 13 to register but not without parent permission. There is also a tool that allows parents to keep track of their child in Whyville.
The earlier we start educating students on how to be safe, in the real world and online, the better equipped they will be to handle difficult situations. And if it is an ongoing discussion, I think children will be more likely to ask an adult about things they are unsure.

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