Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thing 20- Jing

This was a cool tool with which to play around. I can see multiple uses for this in schools. It is a great way to give step by step instructions without having to be there. Great way to share with absent students or even teachers. It could also be used to send homework assignments or information to parents. I decided to do a demo on Wallwisher. Here it is. Wallwisher on Jing
I hope to play around with this site some more. I am sure as I do I will discover more uses, both personal and professional.
I am going to try to embed it as well. Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.


  1. I have not worked on wallwisher much and i thought your video was very informative. Thank you for sharing on this topic. I agree with how you would you this program also. It would be great to have for days when you are not in the classroom and you still want them to learn new information. Did you have trouble embeding the video to play straight on your website. I was not sure if i had trouble with this becuase i am using edublog instead of blogspot.

  2. Very good job on the Wallwisher screencast. I am very glad that screencasting is now available in the browser. I think that being able to make a good screencast will soon be an essential skill for just about everyone in education. You are well on your way!