Monday, April 11, 2011

Thing 21 - Slideshare

I was somewhat familiar with SlideShare as we used it last year when developing classes for parents. We offered Saturday School for many of our students and decided to conduct classes for the parents as well. Since we have many Spanish speaking families, we would have parent classes in both English and Spanish. Many of our original ideas would come from SlideShare and we would modify to fit our needs. We would also make the same PowerPoint in Spanish. I looked to see if I had any of these saved and I found just one. I uploaded it to Slideshare and here it is.

I also created another for how to set up a Gmail account since we just did this with parents this year. I wish I had had the PowerPoint then, but we will use it as we get new parents that are interested. I will also try to create one for how to use e-mail to contact your child's teacher but want to check on using images from Google in the presentation.

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  1. These are great ways to use SlideShare. I really like the homework one. Thanks for creating it. It should really help some of my parents understand the need for developing a routine. I also like the ideas you shared for parents to show that they are interested in school and learning activities.