Sunday, April 17, 2011

Multimedia project update

I am moving along with my project and chose to put it in a site called 
This is a WebQuest making spot where you can upload the first one free. It will not let me post it until all aspects are complete but it has no limitations on how many resources you can put in it. I do know that if you use a YouTube video, it embeds it so it does not take you out of the WebQuest pages. I have a few more finishing touches and will let you all know the address for the site when I post it. I am having some trouble with the Glogster site so have also listed the option of using the IWB to make the posters, take pictures, and upload them into VoiceThread for the narration. This might be an easier way of seeing if all students contribute to the narration. I will probably use VoiceThread as my children are already familiar with this tool, I will just have to create a page for each group. I hope this works and I have not gotten in over my head.


  1. It sounds like everything is coming along I am glad to hear this. Is the site pretty easy to use and does it let you use downloads from zamar. Also is this site blocked by the school. I found weebly is and now I am unable to show my webquest to the class. Just a warning to check this out before purchasing anything. I really like. How you are using voicethread.

  2. I haven't heard of Zunal before. I'll have to check that out. Looks like you are well on your way. I'm looking forward to seeing it. I'm also interested in knowing what the Voice Thread component will be used for. Guess I'll be finding out pretty soon. Keep up the good work.